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Tax Services

AMBE Tax – Accounting & Business Advisory Services offers you constant coverage in all tax matters, with continuous updates and analysis of tax legislation through printed and digital media, combined with the long experience of its members, assuring the application of the appropriate solutions to tax matters of individuals and legal entities.

Our firm’s tax experts provide information and advices on subjects such as:

  • Income taxation of Individuals
  • Income taxation of Legal Entities (S.A., LTD, PC, Partnerships – Civil Law Partnerships, Foreign Branches, etc.)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Payroll Tax and other withholding taxes
  • Real Estate Tax of individuals and legal entities (E9, Unified Property Tax (ENFIA), Special Tax on Real Estate (EFA), etc.)
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax for individuals and legal entities
  • Services to legal entities and individuals residing at a foreign country for tax purposes (appointment of representative and lease of tax residence)
  • Inheritance tax, parental donation tax, gifts, etc.
  • Processing of tax affairs
  • Lodging of Appeals – Petitions
  • Provision of advices on tax issues
  • Final fiscal year tax assessments


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