Labor – Payroll

Using contemporary and specialized software, and by having members of our staff occupied exclusively with payrolls, we guarantee the full coverage of all needs of enterprises.

We can also cover, upon request, all external dealings with all insurance and labor organizations (IKA, TAE, OAEE, OAED, Labor Inspectors, etc.).

Our offered services in payroll issues are based on three key aspects:



  • Updates on all labor matters regarding leaves, sickness, collective and flexible labor agreements (part time, work in shifts, availability and other types).

Payroll keeping and reports

  • Calculation and control of payroll with gross earnings, social security deductions – contributions, payroll tax and other withholding amounts analysis
  • Printout of payment receipts and reports for the payment of salary in bank accounts
  • Issuance of journal entry for listing of payroll in the accounts
  • Printout of reports (per Service Line, Sub Management and Grade)
  • Tax clearance of employees and preparation of payslips for their income statements
  • Calculation of severance pay and actuarial analysis for all members of staff for provisional use
  • Calculation of compensation in cases of termination of contract or departure due to retirement
  • Issuance of certificates of employment for Insurance Organizations and the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) upon the employees’ request
  • Issuance of previous employment certificates

Relationships with organizations and services of the public sector

  • Preparation and submission of relevant lists and statements to the Greek Manpower Employment Organization and the Labor Inspectors in the event of new recruitments or departures (ERGANI system)
  • Registration to Social Insurance Organizations
  • Preparation and submission of annual list of staff to the Labor Inspectors
  • Preparation of instructions of bank transfers to social insurance organizations, Tax Authorities etc.
  • Preparation and submission of Provisional Payroll Tax Statement to the competent Tax Authorities
  • Preparation and submission of the Detailed Periodical Statements to the Greek Social Security Organization (IKA) in hard & soft copy, or via the Internet



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